“The thousands of men and women of independent radio throughout the world. They are those that awake in the early hours of the morning, make time during their busy days, or stay up late in the evening to plan shows and bring hours of independent music listening, to music lovers in every corner of the world"


DJ Struth Mate is an Australian radio presenter who primarily promotes independent music from around the world. 'The DJ Struth Mate Show' has been running weekly since 2015 & is a solo job of passion. Interviews with musicians and artists in various creative communities are always fun & informative so Stay Tuned! MT/Tracey: Struth Mate! I miss you and our little show segments.....So now what are you doing with the DJ Struth Mate Show? DJ Struth: 'Sup Tracey! Yeah a few months back I changed the format of the show to become a simple mixtape of submitted music. As a presenter sometimes you feel like you're wasting your breath but I'm back now speaking & treating it as a therapeutic release. If anyone listens as of now, good luck on lasting a whole show from start to finish & getting every sarcastic reference.

When a team of locals made the decision to build a community radio station in the Queensland town of Dalby, they did it for the passion of music with the help of the incredible community who made it all happen.  Unlike internet radio, 4ddd is a stand alone brick and mortar radio station requiring a whole lot of love in having the station run 24 hours a day and serving the local community. Weather its a business or non-profit venture, for any project or dream to be able to turn an idea into reality requires a team effort, and many businesses themselves seem to lack the inclusive culture to make projects successful and can learn a lot a 'community' culture and it's values.

This week we are chatting with Cozmic Debris, the renown host from Music Mafia Radio, about his experience with music and radio, what makes him tick and what’s going on behind the scene at Music Mafia Radio. MT: Hi Coz, could you tell our readers about you and what you do? COZMIC:  I decided to answer this question last, because it is a great question.  Just exactly who am I and what do I do?  I’ve been entranced with music since the age of five.  I’ve been a performer, composer, arranger and orchestrator. I’ve had the privilege of rubbing elbows with some of the greatest musical minds of my generation.  I’ve been in and out of the business for over four decades.  About two and half years ago, I made the decision to get back into the business in a way unlike ever before. Cozmic Debris is a blogger, social media influencer and on-air personality at Music Mafia Radio.  I originally started the whole Cozmic Debris thing as a platform to highlight and promote great independent music, and...

Ghostly beard had a chat with radio DJ Gummy Bear from Party Central Radio to find out what goes on in DJ Gummy Bears world as a radio presenter of great independent music.

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