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"Great music deserves an audience, we want to give artists hope that the world will take notice"

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We are here to support Independent artists & the sale of our apparel goes directly to the running of the site, supporting Indie Music. 

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More than just a 

music website

Music Talks is more than just an 

indie music blog

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What People Are Saying....

She's an amazing soul & is putting her craft out to the world for the artists & talented people she discovers. This project is from an individuals labour of love & passion y'all & MusicTalks is always gonna be a personal portal for DJ Struth Mate to discover new & upcoming creative talent!

DJ Struth Mate

Tori Darke

- Australian Country Singer

Music Talks gave me the opportunity to tell my story and helped to link me to other artists of the same genre in promoting my music.  You too can get on board and enjoy the fabulous opportunity that Music Talks has to offer for artists alike, to have their music heard and shared across the world.  Its a platform for the new generation of artists to be heard.  

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