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Why You Need to Fail & How To Stand Out In The Crowd

How many emails do you get in your inbox with so much advice on how to succeed?

How many times have you tried something based on the advice given from your emails on how to release an EP/single/album, distribution to ‘X’ number of online stores, how to get your music on radio and blogs, what the particular source it suggests; and on it goes.

If you’re a beginner, I guess you will need some guidance on some of these points, but at the end of the day, you have an EP/single or album distributed to every online store, you’ve reached out to radio and blogs, you’ve had some cool photos and an awesome video and last of all, you’ve splashed your new music out on social media while you check every day what’s going on.?

No-one’s commented, no-one’s listened and no-one seems to really care.

Mainly because the last line is probably closer to the truth than what you would probably admit to or dis gruntingly want to admit to.

You can keep reading the ‘How to's’ and become overwhelmed with it all not really knowing where you went wrong.

First of all, you didn’t go wrong. You have done everything that’s suggested, you’ve worked hard…..but maybe the reality of it, is that you need to work harder. You also won't know until you've found the issues after making countless mistakes. Remember; mistakes are a good thing!

Lets get to it and find out what more you can do, but first, I need to clear something up before I proceed.

Your music MUST be cutting edge. Not average, not good, but outstanding.

Outstanding means these typical points most A&R, managers, labels even blogs listen for:

  • If the first 30 secs don’t grab anyone, then it’s unlikely to grab an audience

  • If your music is out of tune and out of time….don’t do it.

  • The beat and melody will usually always come first. Eg: If someone has their radio on and it’s at low volume, the first thing that sparks attention would be the beat and the melody. They would then turn it up to hear more....with great vocals and lyrics on top of that gaining interest and excitement. People who are general listeners of music will not crank up a song plucked out of an online store or Spotify if: Firstly they don’t know it, and secondly if they don’t like it.

You have to get people’s attention first.

  • If your singing doesn’t resonate with the listener and you’re not getting it across, (meaning people don’t understand it) and you’re out of tune dramatically, forget it.

  • Production is very much dependent on the style of music you record and is also a personal aspect, regardless if it’s a full-on orchestra or just guitar and vocal. But the quality of the sound MUST be good.

This is why there are various sites that offer ratings and feedback from PEOPLE. They comment on what they don’t like (if you’re lucky) or just give you a thumbs down if they don’t like it. These give you a great indication on whether the track will be received well. These are the general listeners ears.

Having said all that, what happens when you still have a killer song that seems to get sucked down the gurgler? The common and very natural thing to do with most artists, is to pick yourself up and go again at another song…another track. This time, you will just somehow make it better with perhaps production?? A stronger song?? Better Vocals?? Maybe it was the mix? Maybe the mastering didn’t cut?

Not sure how many artists actually take the time out to listen to other established artists and even successful business people, but you really need to be doing this if you are a serious artist.

Listen to their past experiences and mistakes, hear what they are saying and how long it’s taken them to get a track going for example. But whatever you do, don’t expect it to happen overnight. (hence why I do these podcasts with people who are and have been successful....these are for you!)

Do you know why majority of artists don’t happen overnight? It’s because it takes time for them to build their audience. Please don’t come back at me saying that artists the likes of Ed Sheeran made it quickly because it wasn’t the case. Not only that, major artists are major because they have large record labels with a machine behind them. (I’ve mentioned this many times before in previous e-books and blog posts)

If you do plan to release an EP/Single or Album, know that JUST releasing with your video and great photo’s, having it up on blogs, radio and social media, quite often won’t be enough to cut through.

Suddenly another new track and/or artist is here, just another out of the thousands each week releasing new music.

(Hope that puts things into perspective a little.)

The KEY!

You need to get in front of people BEFORE the release. You need to get on social media, twitch, perform acoustically on twitch, Facebook video live, Periscope live, twitter live, Instagram live, Busker etc.

You need to post things about you that IS NOT music related.

Let people know who you are, what else you do...but don’t hit them with “HEY....LISTEN TO MY NEW SONG....I KNOW YOU DON’T HAVE A CLUE WHO I AM, BUT I’M JUMPING UP AND DOWN FOR YOU TO STOP AT MY POST AND LISTEN TO MY MUSIC”......Arrrrrr, right....along with every other post before you and after you.

Quite a while ago I put together a part one and part two e-book on how to create great video content, there were even tips in the books saying similar things to what I have done so in this blog post.

There was a reason to why I put this together.

That reason is because; there are not many other emails or other online music sites giving the real deal about how to really get out there, and that video is key along with your plan and your strategy. (Yes.....yet another free e-book with a complete plan and strategy which outlines all the bits in-between that others do not even delve into)

You will notice, if you haven’t already, that if you have all my free e-books, you will then know how to piece together great content for your plan and strategy.

I really don’t mind if you want them or not, of course it’s more for you to read, and yes you either sign up to yet another blog site with free e-books or advice or news, or you don’t.

So many artists will send me messages asking me HOW to do something......I then know they either don’t know about this page on tips, or don’t have or read the free e-books.

Many of my e-books are also available via direct download through Facebook Messenger, so people don’t get all the current news and all the advice. Only the occasional e-book.

I am still seeing artists doing the same as it’s always been and going around in circles without thinking about their marketing, plan and strategy.

You have to put the work in yourself on social media too!

I’ve been very fortunate to have guidance from a team of expert marketers, business people and entrepreneurs; we all see and know how business works....but I rarely see this with artists.

At the end of need:

  • An exceptional song

  • A Plan

  • Your Strategy

  • Lots of content (in various formats)

  • Lots on interaction

  • And a new way to share YOU on social media

If you do want any of the Free E-books you can join to get them, or you can get them via Facebook Messenger.

Here are some links for the one’s via Facebook Messenger:

5 Valuable Tips to Improve Your Voice

If you want a few more, including the very latest on step by step strategy and plan ideas you can always join. But please know, that you need to do these things in order to see a difference in your audience growth and success.

All the e-books I have put together from scratch FOR THE ARTISTS to help them. (and no, I’m not mad, just still a little puzzled why so many expect to get all the answers in a few lines via a PM)

I wish you all the very best, and have a great Christmas 💜 🎄


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