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Szandra Wants to Brighten a Person's Day; An Inspiration to Teenagers

Szandra Mayer hails from Los Angeles but now resides in the vibrant state of Florida. The teen singer truly brings the sunshine into her music, using her creative platform to spread positivity and her bubbly personality to her listeners. Her latest single Never Ever is a potential Euro Pop hit which speaks truth about the hardships of first love.

Teenage Indie Artist Szandra

Never Evers' funky beat and accompanying melody make it particularly striking and comparable to two of her biggest influences, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez.

Despite her young age, Szandra Mayer is no stranger to global success. Her earlier single 'Paradise' was picked up by many major radio stations and sat within the pop category of Global DRT Top 50 for many weeks.

Since then, her fan-base has continued to grow and she now boasts over 65k followers on Instagram as well as over 40k streams on Soundcloud and 15k monthly Spotify listeners.

Faith and Harry interviewed Szandra to find out a bit more about her and her music.

Faith and Harry: When did you know you wanted to be a singer?

Szandra: I personally think the moment it really hit me, like i knew this is wanted for my career was when i was 7 and i performed “A Whole New World” for a play that i knew this is what i wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Szandra Mayer Singer

F&H: What Genre of music do you record?

Szandra: I record all types of genres. I am still young so I’m trying to find the right one for me, but i usually record europop, r and b, dance, or pop.

F&H: Who do you take inspiration from and why do they influence you?

Szandra: I usually take inspiration from Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez. They influence me because they both started at a young age and made it so far in their career. I love their music and they help me find myself.

F&H: Do you play an instrument?

Szandra: I am currently learning piano which is really exciting!

F&H: What is your native language? And do you speak any other languages.

Szandra: Yes, I speak 3 languages. English, Spanish, ad Hungarian. My native language is English

F&H: Which one of your songs is your favorite?

Szandra: Honestly they all connect to me in a different way but my favorite is “Drop Dead Diva” which is a new song i will be releasing soon.

F&H: What's your new single ‘Never Ever’ about?

Szandra: Never Ever is about a couple who are going through difficult times. The boy in this story cheats on the girl and the girl Is struggling to find herself again.

F&H: Do your parents support your musical aspirations? And do you come from a musical family.

Szandra: Yes, of course. I am so grateful for their love and support. My mom used to sing in the choir and my aunt plays piano. My dad is very talented in writing poems so I might have gotten my writing skills from him.

F&H: Your Instagram is very impressive. Who takes your Instagram pictures?

Szandra: Thank you. I appreciate it and usually my parents do.

F&H: You use a lot of inspirational quotes on Instagram, what are you trying to tell your audience?

Szandra: I put them up to brighten a persons day or to teach a lesson. I love quotes and i love basing my life on some quotes that teach you to be better.

F&H: Who plays the instruments on your songs?

Szandra: It is all done by a Hungarian music producer but i'm pretty sure he does it, like electronic music.

F&H: Do your friends or family act in your music videos?

Szandra: No they don’t. The people in the videos are usually professional actors. I was thinking about that though and I will definitely consider it in the future.

F&H: If you could be anyone who would you be?

Szandra: I would honestly want to stay myself. If i had to choose a character from a movie, though I would definitely choose Anne from the Greatest Showman.

F&H: Where is your favorite place in the world ?🌎

Szandra: Anywhere in Europe, especially Hungary. Its beautiful and I always have the time of my life there.

Peru is also amazing and i loving going there as well.

Indie Artist Szandra Mayer

F&H: Do you think music will be your adult career?

Szandra: Definitely, I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. I know i want to do it for the rest of my life.

F&H: Have you entered any talent competitions?

Szandra: Yes i have in the past. They were a few years ago though. I am concentrating on writing and recording now.

F&H: If you record a duet who would you love to sing with?

Szandra: Honestly i would love to collab with any talented rapper. I think that would be amazing.

F&H: Who is your favorite artist of all time?

Szandra: Definitely Ariana Grande!! I love her so much!

F&H: Are you homeschooled or do you attend a regular school?

Szandra: No i am not homeschooled. I go to a private school in my area.

F&H: What is your favorite thing to do when your not making music?

Szandra: Usually i like to work out to get my body moving. I also study for tests and of course do my schoolwork.

Thanks again, Faith&Harry

Thank you so much for this opportunity!

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