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Space Of Day's, Autumn Yatabe's Soaring Vocal Propels This Rocker

Space of a Day

“Vivid” from the “Space of a Day” album

This first album from the rocking Alabama duo, Autumn Yatabe and Ben Trexel has a lot to please the most difficult classic rock fans, with a collection of songs ranging from pure Americana, classic rock, ballads and even a Joni Mitchell cover…

Starting with this “Vivid” song, the tone is set, with warm guitars, rocking drums and bass, and Autumn’s soaring vocal propels this rocker, and its positive message singing how “every little drop that builds up your ocean made of dreams” and “every little breath we take together sets us free” and indeed we can “go so high” with this song and many of the other songs on this great album.

The rest of the album is a worthy collection of great songs, some acoustic, whether guitar or piano driven, to that cover of “Free Man in Paris” where Autumn evokes the best of Joni Mitchell.

Ben Trexel’s production is on point, the sound of the album is warm and balanced, and the dynamic is great, leaving the music breathe and emote. Well done for that!

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Review

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