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RnB Singer Evelyn Feroza will 'BLOW - YOUR - MIND'; A Voice To Die For

Singer Evelyn Feroza

EVELYN FEROZA (Malaysia) An established singer on the Malaysian live circuit, known for her powerhouse vocal delivery and onstage persona. She has also been featured on numerous recordings, most recently with her live version of Michael Pignéguy’s release Just Out Of Reach and her own single Close Your Eyes in conjunction with renowned U.S. trombone player - Q Sound / Marques Young. Evelyn has also featured on the Kuala Lumpur Jazz Festival and is well known to Singaporean audiences performing at key venues such as Cool Cats. Evelyn has recorded new releases with Michael that will be released mid-2019.

Here's a fun interview to read with Evelyn Feroza.

MT/Tracey: Hello Evelyn, lovely to meet you. How were you introduced to music?

Evelyn: I was introduced to music at a very early age, from listening to Frank Sinatra’s tunes when i was toddler courtesy of my Grandfather, Rex Charles Fernandez, to humming and singing Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Céline Dion numbers, courtesy of Family Karaoke Party lol.

MT: Was there anyone in particular who inspired you?

Evelyn: Whitney, Mariah, Celine and Local Malaysian Artist such as Misha Omar , Dato Siti Nurhaliza were the main ones

MT: You are super talented and have seemed to have done so much at such a young age. Did you have formal vocal training?

Evelyn: Thank you very much! I was in a school choir group for a bit, way back during my Primary School days. But that about it hehe.

MT: What styles of music do you sing?

Evelyn: Jazz, Ballad, Pop, RnB, Funk, Rock, .. etc i try not to limit myself haha

MT: I saw a video of you performing live recently and wow, I’m blown away. You look like you are having so much fun and you’re so damn good! How do you feel when you’re up there with the band performing?

Evelyn: Awww Thank you. There were times when no words could describe how I actually felt. Although Happiness is always on Top of the Feels 😉 I enjoy performing

Singer Evelyn Feroza

MT: Where are you based mainly?

Evelyn: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

MT: You voice is absolutely incredible, I’m still in awe of your sound, tone, vibe and performances. If there was one person who you would love to support or be sharing a world-wide tour with, who would it be?

Evelyn: Honestly it would be with my Bands from Malaysia. I have quite a few and i love all of them! Touring with them would be Epic! Then again maybe.... I wouldn’t mind Justin Timberlake too HAHAHAHA (he’s first pick actually) I would Faint if that actually happened

MT: Do you have any specific vocal warm ups or rituals you do before you go out on stage?

Evelyn: Not really.. it kinda depends on how i feel. No rituals Yet too.. Sometimes Tabby (My Manager) massages my feet before i get on stage.. I’M TOTALLY KIDDING.. if anything it’s the other way around.. I’m kidding about that too..

MT: Have you toured internationally?

Evelyn: I haven’t but I WOULD LOVE TO! I have sang for Events overseas tho- I have events in Cambodia, Switzerland, Thailand, Korea but touring would be so amazing

MT: Do you have any of your own music out for sale? (an EP or Album available)

Evelyn: I have a single out called Close Your Eyes - Evelyn Feroza feat Q Sound. You can find it in Spotify, itunes, Youtube etc. No Album or EP yet. But stay tuned.. it shall come! I’m actually in the process of releasing a few more singles this year in collaboration with talented good friends of mine

MT: What do you like doing in your spare time? (if you have any)

Evelyn: Just Chilling at home and hanging out with friends and Family.. Waiting for Marvel movies .. Becoming Ironman’s sidekick.. You know, the usual stuff

Singer Evelyn Feroza

MT: How much hard work and practice goes into preparing for your shows?

Evelyn: I believe the in the saying “ The more the Better” so I can’t really put a number on it but a lot.

MT: I’ve noticed you are coming to Australia. Woo Hoo, this is so awesome! Why are you coming to Australia and where will you be performing?

Evelyn: YES I AM! And I can’t wait 😍 Always been in my bucket list. I’m coming to Perform with Michael Pignéguy and his Amazing musician lineups at the Vanguard in Sydney on June 7th. Ohh the EXCITEMENT! Thank Michael for giving me this opportunity 🙏🏽

MT: How did you meet Michael Pigneguy?

Evelyn: We met in Johor, Malaysia for the first time in 2017 for the IPJazz Festival. I had so much fun. Was an honour to share the stage with such prestigious musicians. We’ve done 2 more shows after that in No Black Tie Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It’s safe to say we’re buddies hehe

MT: Thank you so much for your time Evelyn, I really appreciate it.

Evelyn: Thank you for having me!

You can also read our interview with Michael Pigneguy HERE

Evelyn Feroza and Michael Pigneguy are giving away two free tickets to our readers to the show at

👉🏼 The Vanguard in Newtown (Sydney) for Friday 7th June.

To be in the running all you need to do is share the interview and take a screenshot of where it was shared to.

Email us the screenshot with your full name and phone number to

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