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Magdalen Set to New Single with Live Performances In Action

Independent alternative pop artist Magdalen releases her new single ‘Louder’ on August 2nd 2019 which will be available on all major music platforms. This single marks an exciting development in Magdalen’s sound and is her first single to be made in collaboration with another producer.

Magdalen has said about the new single ‘It was inspired by me listening to a lot of euro-disco type music form the 90’s and 00s and wanting to make a song that captured what I love about that kind of music but also had a more experimental, dark edge to it, which is the kind of contrast I love to create with my music’.

Magdalen is a nineteen year old, Manchester based singer, songwriter, and producer. She grew up in a musical household but eventually found her own voice through teaching herself to make beats in her bedroom, developing her own unique sound by marrying atmospheric production with distinctive dreamy vocals. She gains inspiration from other powerful female artists like Grimes and Charli XCX to push the boundaries of pop music.

Live Itinerary:

June 22nd - Routes Festival, Square Chapel, Halifax

July 13th - The Peer Hat, Manchester with Vanessa Maria

Watch Magdalen’s debut music video for her recent single ‘Fireworks’ here:





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