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iTunes Chart-Topping Duo And Production Team Announce "FaB Pop Star 2019" Contest

FaB Pop Star 2019 Contest

UK pop songwriting and production duo, Neil Fitzsimon and Bee Brogan (FaB), in association with MTS Management Group and WTPL Records, have announced their "FaB Pop Star 2019" Contest. The iTunes chart-topping duo are conducting an exhaustive worldwide search for the next undiscovered artist to record on their next hit release. Platinum producer, Pat Collier (Katrina and the Waves, Carly Rae Jepsen) has signed on to mix the track. It will be released and promoted on FaB's label, WTPL Records. The song will also receive additional promotion from MTS.

"This is not just another X-Factor type contest," said Neil Fitzsimon. "We are not looking for a generic sound-alike. We are looking for someone a bit edgy, whether it be a solo singer or a group. This is somebody's chance to record a brand new original song written and produced by FaB, mixed by Pat Collier and promoted by MTS Management Group and WTPL Records."

Rules for the contest are as follows:

1. The contest is open to all vocalists, worldwide, ages 16-40. 2. Entrants must audition via a video performance of either "Big Blue World" or "One Minute Every Hour" both Fitzsimon and Brogan tracks. Interpretation is up to the entrant. The tracks can be found on FaB's Spotify page at 3. Video auditions must be posted to Youtube as a PUBLIC video. 4. The video title should include the name of the entrant and "FaB Pop Star 2019 Audition." The description of the video should include the name of the song and #fabpopstar2019. 5. All videos must be posted no later than March 31, 2019. 6. Entrants are encouraged to share the video on social media, using the #fabpopstar2019 and tagging FaB on their pages (listed below.) While not the only determining factor, Youtube likes, comments, and shares will be taken into consideration when selecting the winner. 7. Youtube links MUST be emailed to and received no later than March 31, 2019 at 11:59pm Eastern to be considered. 8. All entrants acknowledge that FaB, MTS Management Group, and WTPL Records have the discretion and permission to use all entry videos in promotions for the contest. 9. Winner will be notified by or before April 15, 2019. 10. Entrants understand that they will need access to, at a minimum, home recording software, such as Garage Band, in order to record final vocal to be used on recording. No travel is required, and no studio fees will be paid. 11. Prizes will include, but are not limited to the publicity and exposure received from promotion of the contest and final recording.



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