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Ireland's Ruth Brosnan Quirky Style Is Refreshing and 'Good Enough'

Indie Pop Singer Ruth Bronson

Hailing from Cork, Ireland is 23 year old Ruth Bronson who released her debut single ‘Good Enough’ in April, has now released the official music video to go with the song.

Ruth wrote this song to help and inspire people and says, ‘We all go through tough times where we feel down and feel like we’re not good enough whether it be at work or at school/college or at home. We care so much about what other people think of us and as humans we crave acceptance. This causes huge anxiety leading to negative feelings and sometimes depression across the world and across all age groups. I believe we need to love and accept ourselves. I know sometimes that can be very difficult to achieve but sometimes we set such high standards for ourselves and with my song I just want to help people to believe they are good enough because we all are good enough and that’s a starting point’

I wrote this song through my own life experience. I lost my mother when I was fourteen and several close friends to suicide. Mental health and wellness are fundamental and I want to increase awareness. I think my song and video have a very important message and I think if younger people particularly had this song/video to listen to and to watch it might encourage them to think before they act. It could be a resource for people as sometimes we don’t talk but we look and listen'.

Ruth chose to launch her single at this time when there is a huge build up of pressure among students both in schools and college’s. Darkness into Light events are also held during the month of May and she hopes the song & music video will help people to pause and spread awareness.

Ruth has a unique quirky style and personality which shines through in her songs and live performances. Her influences include Kesha, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani and Sigrid.

Good Enough is available on all music streaming platforms



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