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Indie Pop Singer Songwriter, Annelie is Destined For Success

Indie Singer Annelie

This young singer/songwriter is currently #2 on ReverbNation for the Los Angeles area. Annelie’s amazing vocals and talent are capturing the attention of her fans on social media. She already has a >30,000 Instagram following that is growing every day. All you have to do is listen to one of her songs to know this young artist is is one to watch!


You not only sing you also play guitar. How long have you been singing and playing guitar?

Annelie: Yes I do! I also play ukulele and piano as well. I have played the piano since I was about 5, and I taught myself ukulele 2 years ago. Guitar is actually my newest instrument, which i picked up during this last summer. I have been singing as long as I can remember since I was a little girl, but around age 9 is when I formally started to take vocal lessons and put much more focus on it.


Do you write all of your own songs? Have you ever collaborated with anyone when writing your music? Is there a particular brand you want your fans to relate to when they listen to your music?

Annelie: I have written most of my original songs with the help of some amazing producers and writers. Sometimes I come in with almost a whole song written or just an idea and sometimes I walk into a session and start from scratch with the people I am working with, it all varies.

For my sound, in the past, my earlier songs had more of a pop vibe to them, probably because I was younger and had a bit of a different taste in music than I have now.

Now I listen to mostly indie alternative music and sometimes indie-pop, so that taste will definitely be reflected in my new stuff that I am working on. Very excited to share some of my new music!! My goal with my music is to be able to make my listeners relate to and feel what I am singing about and maybe get them to feel that they know me as a person through my music!!

Danielle Question:

You have a following on Instagram of > 30,000 fans and growing every day. What have been your favourite aspects of social using social media to connect with fans?

Annelie Response: Hahaa....we'll see where it is when you post this as my mom is really great at blocking and deleting =))....but yes, I never really expected my instagram to grow this much when i first started it. I am very happy about it because it means that people like listening to me and that really motivates me to keep going. I think one main goal with my music is to create a story or put feelings, that are hard to describe in words, in a song, so other people and friends can relate to it. The best part about creating is seeing your creation bring out feelings in someone and that is one thing that I feel I get to see through my social media. It makes my day when I see comments about how my cover or song made someone feel happy, sad, or whatever feeling it is, that my music brought out in them!

Danielle Question:

Outside of music, what are some other interests that fans may like to know about? Describe a typical day for you?

Annelie: I am still a high school student so that keeps me very busy. Along with school and music, I love to be athletic and I was a gymnast for almost 13 years until injuries forced me to quit. Gymnastic was a huge part of my life for the longest time, so it was really hard to say goodbye. Now, I started competitive diving so that I can still keep my love from gymnastics of tumbling and flipping and to stay athletic everyday Another interest or passion of mine is helping and caring for animals. I also involve myself in various music events that helps to support funding cancer research for children's hospital of LA and St Jude's. My original song 'Raining Dreams' was written after I had spent some time for the first time, with children my own age and younger, battling different types of cancer. I dedicate any incoming funds from purchases, streams etc from that song to support funding.

A usual, typical weekday for me is probably going to school, then diving practice, and coming home to do my homework. If I have time during the week, I always try to fit a little music in, but weekends are usually when I can focus on my music. Most weekends I either have 1 or 2 writing sessions unless I have a dive meet.


Congratulations! You’re currently ranked #2 on ReverbNation for the Los Angeles, CA, US charts. How has that recognition moved your career forward?

Annelie Response: Reverbnation has been very helpful to me since the beginning! As an indie artist, just starting in the music industry 2 years ago, being 13, it's really difficult to get heard at all. They were incredible for me and I have been offered so many opportunities through them. For example, last summer I was offered the opportunity to travel to New York for the first time to record my original songs onto vinyls, it was so much fun. This past winter I was invited to be part of their 'CONNECT' program, which is a program for a select group of artists within all of Reverbnation. Very grateful for their support!!


Do you currently record all of your songs in Los Angeles? Do you find being in the Los Angeles area is an advantage for an artist?

Annelie Response: I mainly do work in the Los Angeles area because it is where I reside permanently. During the summer my family go to Sweden, where I have family from my moms side so I have dual citizenship as well and can work there and we also live there for a month or so during summer. Los Angeles is a great place to be for a musician because a lot of people in the music industry live here and there is so much going on here all the time. On the flip side of that, sometimes it is harder to be seen in LA because there are so many in the industry here and the competition is quite incredible!!


Where can fans find your music, performance information, merchandise…? Is there anything else you would like fans to know?

Annelie: You guys can find my music on almost all streaming platforms; Spotify, iTunes, Apple music, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Deezer, Google play, Tidal, Youtube music, and Amazon music and I will, if I may, include a smart link to all from my last original song 'Honesty'!!

It would mean a lot if you guys took a minute to check it out and please let me know what you think=)) I have not really started touring with my music yet, instead I try to focus on writing and recording right now, but if I do have a performance, I will usually announce that on my Instagram. I also don’t have any mercy out right now, but I would look forward to making some if I get to that point,

promoting yourself as an indie is really hard and expensive so any support here are greatly appreciated! I firmly believe though, the growth you allow yourself to have if you don't force it, will all pay back in a more solid and mature content. Success will be a product only as good as your efforts.

Thank You so much for taking the time to write this interview. I really Love your support and I need it)

Please come along and get excited with me for new music very soon!!

Annelie 🙂

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