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I Spent Most Of My Days Dancing & Singing Into A Hairbrush; NIX

Hey y'all I'm Nix from Canada. Thanks for checking me out!

I think like any young girl in the early 2000s I spent most of my days dancing and singing into a hairbrush to Britney, Christina and the Spice Girls. It wasn't until 2004 when Christina Aguilera blessed us with her Stripped album that I realized how much music and the power of song spoke to me. That album changed my life; it made me want to become a recording artist.

Before I made the decision that singing and writing music was something I wanted to pursue professionally, I had a rich musical upbringing that helped define this path for me. I picked up the violin at age nine and spent my youth relishing in centenarian symphonies and operas. By the time I reached high school I auditioned for any musical ensemble I could, and I was in four different choirs and two orchestras. I was lucky enough to get the chance to explore my musical appetite during my formative teenage years, and it was just after I graduated from high school that I decided to explore music professionally. I somehow managed to juggle university while establishing my music career... and let me tell ya, it wasn't easy! But fast forward a few years and here I am!

I am beyond proud of my discography (albeit on the smaller side for now), the people I have met along the way, and I am so happy I am at a place in my career where I can share my music with the world. Now for a little bit about my music...

Back in 2014 I wrote my most personal song to date: Six Feet Under. I sat down at the piano with my co-writer, Mat, and while he played the keys, lyrics just poured out of me... and it all came together in about 10 minutes. Six Feet Under speaks about my battle with depression as a young girl and the disconnect I felt between my mind and body, and society’s expectations of me. I like to say that my inner voice wrote this song, because for so many years I felt like I could never actually speak about how I was feeling inside. It was therapy putting my feelings into song, and the response from people who connect with it is the cherry on top.

My most recent singles, Tastes Like Sugar and Playing With Fire were written in the beautiful city of Nashville, and I couldn't have had a better experience writing and recording these singles.

I was three months into a romantic relationship when Tastes Like Sugar was written, and for me, three months is the point in time that a budding romance blossoms into something more serious. The lyrics paint a picture of when infatuation and love intersect - it's fun and playful, yet describes the roller-coaster of emotions one may feel as they start to fall in love. I was inspired by my bubblegum pop roots, and wanted to create something light and fun that people could dance to.

Ironically, Playing with Fire was written at the same time, but I was channeling the thoughts of what could go wrong in a new relationship. I drew from my previous experiences of being lied to, cheated on, etc. and hoped that the risk of starting a new relationship wouldn't follow the same negative cycle.

Looking ahead, I have a few more unreleased songs that I’m planning to release on an EP, and I can’t wait to share those with everyone. In 2019, I plan to tour and connect with as many people as I can, so keep an eye out on my website for any upcoming shows! Until then...thanks for spending time with me, and supporting indie artists!

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