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Hojean Makes Catchy Pop Single, 'Memory'; Art

Singer Hojean

Hailing originally from New York, 20 year old Korean American singer, Hojean, releases a catchy pop single with smooth well controlled vocals and production of dreamy sythns and guitar.

Hojean takes you on a journey through song leaving you wanting to hit replay.

Currently residing in Atlanta Georgia, Hojean hopes he can make the move to California to further his art.

"I have always been more on the creative side of things and I love entertaining people through art. It's really beautiful to see people communicate with artists through their work." say's Hojean.

With over 80,000 streams so far on Apple and Spotify Hojean hopes to tour the country and and become a name which is on everybody's popular playlists.

His latest single, 'Memory' is created and written from personal experience. "The song, "Memory" is somewhat of a personal anthem, and it's about finding your own worth, moving on, and finding the confidence to say that your ex is only just a memory, not something to be caught up on."

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