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Fytakyte; I Taught Myself How To Record, Produce and Mix

Indie Artist and Guitarist Fytakyte

What Is Meandersaur?

As a kid, my imagination exploded from the minute I opened my eyes. Life was a moment-to-moment adventure....And if an adventure wasn't happening, I'd close my eyes and dream one up, or I'd grab a piece of paper and a pen and draw one in fabulously unnecessary detail - it came almost too easily.

Perhaps if I'd grown up in this current era of helicopter parenting and over-prescription, I'd have been diagnosed with some fashionable acronym, drugged up to the eyeballs and left to atrophy behind a screen. Fortunately Dad and Mum were well and truly old-school.

Rather than showering my siblings and I with the latest toys, they gave us books, pens and paper, musical instruments and a big backyard to let our imaginations run wild and free. All the while they gently cautioned us that we would eventually need to order and discipline our wild, unfettered minds.

Music was a constant in our house, but the guitar captured my imagination from the moment I lay eyes on one. The day I learned an A, E and D chord was the day I wrote my first song. At this point though, the guitar was just one of the many ways I gave vent to the waterfall of ideas and impulses plunging through my brain.

Gradually, cognizance of reality dawned. The necessity to favour ordered thought and all it's attendant grey, prosaic process above all else seemed the only viable option. I worked hard, really hard! I did well at school. It didn't come easy to me -like writing a story or a song had - but I was proud that I managed it. Some who had dismissed me as a hyper-active kid seemed aghast that I hadn't fulfilled their dooming prophecies of inevitable adult uselessness. I became a reliable, responsible human.

After school, the guitar became my creative outlet. I hit the woodshed and tried to learn from the greats. I joined some bands and we played - mainly covers, lots and lots of covers.

And yet, my technicolour brain was always there, bubbling below the surface. I would experience sudden jolts of musical inspiration planted as seeds in moments of stunning clarity. During the rain and storms of the day-to-day grind these seeds gradually germinated into feelings that seemed universal, relatable. I found myself always searching for an oblique angle, a different perspective and trying to find the chord that inspired three different feelings at once, with the words to match.

With the advent of the computer age came the unprecedented ability to affordably build listenable productions right at home. I'd always had the ideas, but never a way to capture them to my satisfaction. Now I could, but it didn't come easy. I drew on my school experience, knuckled down and taught myself how to record, produce and mix.

The result is "Meandersaur". What is Meandersaur? Meandersaur is the ancient beast of my imagination, saved from extinction with a guitar and a voice.

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