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Catherine MacLellan's Honest, Soulful Acoustic Folk/Rock & Blues Album

Catherine MacLellan

“Waiting on My Love” from the “Coyote” Album

Catherine Maclellan Album

If you’re in search of honest and soulful song-writing, have a penchant for acoustic folk/rock and blues, with a tinge of country, you will be delighted with Catherine MacLellan’s new double single, from her upcoming “Coyote” album.

If “Out of Time” is the A-side (if there’s such a thing nowadays?) of that single, with its openly bluesy vibe, this “Waiting on My Love” B song caught my attention more, with its subtle arrangement, laid back acoustic guitar arpeggios and delicate percussion. The chord progression has a sophistication that I would have expected from an early Joni Mitchell.

The production is sparse and wide, and Catherine’s voice shines here, on the lead and background vocals. The recording of the drums is particularly tasteful, and the bass is more felt than heard but provides a solid foundation for the nice guitar finger picking, and the song showcases Catherine’s melodic charm most notably in the soulful vocal harmonies. The song resonates like the tell-tale songs of old, when fair maidens where waiting for their lovers to come back from the sea.

It has this kind of feel, and it’s a welcome feel in our crazy modern life.

Verdict: 5/5 beards - Give it a try asap!



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