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Ametist Bring Real Metal Back To The People

Band Ametist

With explosive raw energy and intense musicianship, Latvia-based Metal band Ametist are scorching the internet & independent music-scene with the official release of their latest single/video for “Insomnia.”

Through the powerfully gripping vocals & instrumentation supplied by the talents of Vlad Schchiptsov (Drums) and Vitally Golovanov (Guitars, Bass, Vocals) – Ametist has become a genuine force to be reckoned with. Determined to outwork the rest and consistently make their current material their best material to-date – they’ve risen to that challenge once again with their brand-new single “Insomnia.”

Band Ametist

Detailing a harrowing tale of sleep deprivation, extreme stress, and wild visual hallucinations, Ametist wields their uncompromising sound with all the true might & power of its full potential on “Insomnia.” Ensuring the experience of the recording is strong enough to rival their live performances, there are no samples, no digital gimmicks, no autotuned vocals – everything on “Insomnia” is a verifiable reflection of their pure unfiltered, howling & growling, relentlessly gripping approach to making savage Metal music.

Featuring the incredible Anastasia Bagdasarova providing the backing vocals, and supported with a wicked video shot by Arthur Janson & expertly edited by Maxim Manulenko, “Insomnia” has already racked up tens of thousands of views & listens online since its official release. Incorporating killer footage from the Staro Riga festival celebrating Latvia’s 100th anniversary, and dark, thought-provoking imagery gathered from throughout the most malevolent & haunting corners of their city at night – the new video for “Insomnia” reveals the mammoth strengths of Ametist onscreen for the world to witness.

Join them as they continue to take over 2019 and bring real Metal back to the people, where it belongs.

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