The Vercettis First EP 'Starfish Island' Will Have You Hooked

June 7, 2019


The Vercettis formed in 2016 after meeting in college and have spent the last few years gigging, writing songs and experimenting with different styles. The result is a unique, alternative sound that encompasses many different genres - from hip hop to indie rock to dance rock.

Their music merges the strange with the simple, serving listeners catchy yet unusual songs.


In 2018, The Vercettis recorded their first E.P. ‘Starfish Island’ with Christian Best in Monique Studios and released three singles, all accompanied by music videos before the release of their E.P.

Their first single, ‘Porno Star’, was a short and sweet dance-rock song that explores male sexual insecurity in an honest way.

The second single from the E.P. showcased a different side to The Vercettis -
‘You’ is a chilled out indie rock song with heavy hip hop influences that deals with lingering unwanted romantic thoughts.
The third single,
‘Cradula’ is a sultry alt-rock song, written from the perspective of the vampire “Cradula” as he attempts to seduce his next victim.


It’s hard to know whether The Vercettis are brothers, soulmates or just good friends - but their commitment to each other runs deep.


Band members Dylan, Peter and Turlough have all publicly adopted the Vercetti name and aesthetic. Collectively, The Vercettis own Ireland’s largest collection of Hawaiian shirts.


Currently based in Cork, The Vercettis have built up a dedicated fanbase and their live performances are always energetic and exciting. To coincide with the launch of their E.P, the boys played Dali in Cork. The Vercettis will play in Whelans, Dublin on the 19th of July.






You Video:

Porno Star Video:




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