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Who is Bushrod Radio?

This week, Music Talks is talking to Julius WB, aka Bushrod, about his radio, what he does behind the scenes to prepare his shows and much more.

Q: Hi Julius, could you tell our readers about you and what you do?

A: I’m a musician, music producer and DJ. Having always been an avid listener, a fondness for all types of music evolved. The “Bushrod” moniker has roots as college student when I also endured an all male marching band experience. Being a DJ came later as a past time and for fun; and most recently as an internet radio DJ and artist interview presenter. BushrodMusic has its origins in my foray into digital and electronic music production which began in 2009. Instrumental music and beats are my forte’ on a multi-genre basis, with an emphasis on HipHop and Jazz variation.

Q: When did you start BushrodMusic Radio and what motivated you to do it?

A: BushrodMusic Radio was established in March 2016. It was, and is, a self-styled aim to promote BushrodMusic music productions and to formally introduce Bushrod as a music producer and DJ. It has also since evolved into an indie music streaming music platform for independent artists hoping to expose themselves to a global listening audience.

Q: Do you do live shows, or do you pre-record?

A: BushrodMusic radio boasts an auto-DJ programming experience 24 hours a day. Clocks (or playlists) of popular and indie music are programmed in advance with a varied day by day listening experience. Clocks may feature a genre, artist, podcast, or any variation thereof, for a variable listening experience with minimal tune repeats. Our programming offering boasts the B-Sides and the fringe hits. Not the same old Top 40.

Q: Do you have live acts during your shows?


Q: Do you do artists interviews?

A: Yes. Such interviews are programmed via podcast where the interview and interviewee pre-record a response on a written script basis. Elaboration is encouraged when responding to scripted interview questions. The podcast is augmented with music snippets by the artist being interviewed.

Q: Your show airs on the internet, do you also air on FM/AM? Where can we find you?

A: Our programming is internet based solely. 2 streams are hosted, an urban variety (hiphop, soul, funk and R&B) stream and a smooth jazz and progressive stream. The stream links are as follows:

The former stream is also available via the BushrodMusic Radio App or the Radionomy App in your PC or mobile device’s App Store. The former stream also hosts smooth jazz and progressive music programming all day on Sundays, and after 11p.m CST US time Mon. – Thurs.

Q: Is the show in a special studio or are you running it from home?

A: Our programming emanates from a home studio environment. The auto-DJ is also accessible on a mobile basis, making programming constant and on-going.

Q: How much time do you spend preparing your shows?

A: Programming entails a 4-6 hours daily task. A producer is also listening and tweaking the auto DJ programming during this period each day.

Q: Do you play unsigned music only or also commercial music?

A: We play both on an equal basis to the greatest extent possible. The indie artist roster is growing everyday; and has grown exponentially since inception.

Q: What kind of music do you play?

A: Our programming is internet based solely. 2 streams are hosted; an urban variety (hiphop, soul, funk and R&B) stream and a smooth jazz and progressive stream. Our target demographic is urban, and adult.

Q: What kind of music do you like?

A: I like all types of music, although a fondness for R&B and jazz is admitted.

Q: How do you find the music you play?

A: It emanates from my own personal music collection, and the subsequent procurement of additions to that collection. Independent music is obtained by way of the stream cast and social media, and by way of BushrodMusic radio listeners and BushrodMusic fans. Playlists on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify offer a source for new music and classic oldies.

Q: How much presence do you have on social media? Do you think it's important to be there and what do you do to promote your radio?

A: BushrodMusic radio is on social media as follows:

Twitter: @juliuswb

BushrodMusic radio has a significant following on Twitter and Instagram and makes an attempt to acknowledge indie artist song plays with a post/tag on either one or both platforms.

Q: What advice would you give to unsigned artists who would like to submit to your show?

A: Our producers are listening to music via social media and SoundCloud all of the time. We may solicit a submission directly, invite you to submit, or accept an unsolicited submission. We listen to all submissions. If your submission is accepted for streaming, we will inform you directly. Submit to Tag your music for all submissions, submit a brief bio and graphic, and include your social media designation(s).

Q: Do you think you get enough support from your listeners and the artists you play?

A: We encourage indie artists playing on BushrodMusic radio to have their fans tune in as often as possible. Such fans and listeners should encourage others in their network to do the same. Alert your fans to charts released by our station, especially when your song charts

Q: Any plans for BushrodMusic Radio and Julius Bushrod in 2019? Or beyond?

A: BushrodMusic radio hopes to continue to diversify its programming, I.e., podcasts, live shows, mixcasts, live music, etc.

Q: Anything else you'd want to add?

A: Thank you for allowing me to share a few details about BushrodMusic radio. I appreciate the opportunity to do so.


Juliuswb aka Bushrod

Don't forget to check out Bushrod Radio

Twitter: @juliuswb

Facebook: @bushrodmusic

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