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Aiden Hatfield Debut's Chapter One

Aiden Hatfield Singer

After the massive success of his debut single 'This is Never Ending', Leeds-based Rock/Alternative Solo Artist and Multi Instrumentalist Aiden Hatfield is due to release his debut EP 'Chapter One' on March 15th. The EP has already hit #1 on Amazon Music's 'Digital Rock Album' chart.

The EP explores the themes of passion, conflict and loss. The thoughts and feelings behind every song are not only apparent in the lyrical content, but are also very evident in the music that supports them. A person’s mind can only deal with so much, it’s clear that songwriting is Aiden’s way of allowing himself to speak about what he’s dealing with.

Aiden openly suffers with Depression. He has dedicated the last four years to creating a successful brand that donates 50% of profits to the 'Mind' charity. After interviews on the likes of the BBC and with how prevalent the subject has now become in the music industry, the brand is thriving and continues to help people every day. Aiden's music touches on these subjects and he hopes that through his music he can continue to do so.

Tour dates:

Aiden will soon be announcing a UK-wide March/April 'Chapter One' Tour.

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