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Minus Cube; There Seems To Be A Lot Of Music That Sounds The Same

Indie Band Minus Cube

Our group got together at a time when our previous bands had been and gone, and the relentless push to get gigs, booking agents, managers and record deals, (and also just get to the same rehearsal room at the same time), had been well and truly flushed out of our systems. There was a time when that was so much part of our musical quest, that it could become very easy to lose sight of why we started doing this in the first place! ...And that reason was to make music that truly meant something.

In the last few years, I've not found much in the mainstream music world that has provided inspiration or an emotional connection the way that bands from 20-30 years ago did. Perhaps that's why they live on still, but new music has become a rather disposable commodity these days, with a very different approach to it being valued, compared to the way it was.

I prefer to look for music that has emotional qualities, whether it's lyrics, a guitar solo, a piano part or just one note or line someone may sing or play that speaks to you. In the mainstream world, to me there seems to be a lot of music that sounds the same and fits a core bunch of values that are considered the trend, in order to make a company money for a brief time, until the next song comes along that does the same thing. Maybe that's why it all sounds the same, but I haven't been able to find much variety or emotion in many of those songs.

For me, music has always had to be about a lot more than that. I need to make music to communicate sometimes, and sometimes I have to make music as a cathartic process to put an experience or emotion into a tangible thing, that is a song. (which in itself is pretty awesome!) That's when the creative world becomes its most valuable to me... to be able to create a song that will exist forever, that consolidates something for you, whether that is a memory of someones life, an outlet for mental health issues, or a political issue you want to voice in your own way, and turns it into something real for you. If someone else can relate to it as well, it's a wonderful bonus, but being true to yourself has always been the main goal.

If your song becomes 15 minutes long, then let it! That's why the independent music scene is so important, because that is where all this music is these days. Even if you have to go on a weekend long musical quest to discover new artists that speak to you, it's out there and it will be worth the journey!

We've been inspired by many musicians and bands, and I think subconsciously you filter the best parts of all of that down into what makes you. There's no need to compare yourself to others, or purposefully try and create anything that will be considered acceptable by a mainstream music outlook, because that's just not real, and right now there is very little reality and emotion there in those songs. I think a better way is to make music for yourself first of all, then it is true and honest and real. That's the reason we do what we do, and I hope you may like the music we make!

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