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No Whining, No Excuses, No Stopping Your Way To Success

No More Excuses get Results

How many times have you blamed circumstances and make justifications for not being successful?

People who make a decision to start a business, grow a company, sign up for the olympics etc. all have similar traits in their mindset to succeed. No matter what. No matter the setbacks, the time it takes and the amount of blood, sweat and tears. And the same should apply if you want to be successful as an artist.

You can develop lots of justifications for not achieving success however absolutely nothing will change.

Blaming makes you seem like a victim with no power or control over your life or fate.

Blaming and also making justifications will ruin your power and also vigor and leaving you with a feeling of frustration and anxiety.

Your life will not change until you take 100% responsibility of your life and be accountable for your actions.

Surrender all excuses and quit any type of condemns.

Quit condemning your parents, education, close friends, spouse, coworkers, boss, weather condition, country, government, ... and so on

. If you proceed blaming and also making justifications then congratulations ... You will certainly fall short!!!!

" 99% of all failures come from people who have a routine of making excuses" - George Washington Carver.

Inscribe the above quote in your mind. You just fail when you surrender and loose perseverance. You will surrender by beginning at fault, as well as make justifications, however, consistency is the key.

But if you take 100% obligation of your life, you will try again and again up until you achieve what you desire. Due to the fact that just you can obtain the right results and also, you will waste your time by blaming conditions.

If you are not encouraged, then before I prove it to you, lets agree on this:.

" At least act as if you are 100% responsible".

If you don't think that you are 100% responsible of your life which every little thing happens to you, results from your decisions, as well as actions, then at least act AS IF you are.

This will reduce your degree of blaming, boost your opportunities of success and also supply you with self-confidence in on your own as well as capabilities.

If you want an evidence that you are 100% liable after that allows, go over the following formula;

Back to your math classes ...

E+R =O.

Occasion + Reaction = End result.

Your outcome just depends upon your response to a certain occasion or situation. You have no control over events or scenarios. You just have control over yourself and your actions. You shed your control a long time ago due to myths like "no body can alter conditions", "external factors identify your destiny" and all similar to that you have discovered in the past.

Now forget your past and concentrate on complying with these two options:.

1. You can blame your circumstances and also make excuses, however you will certainly not get to anything you desire.

2. You can change your reactions to a particular event until you get what you desire. This will certainly make all the difference.

Gain control of your thinking, decisions, activities, reactions, and so on and you get on your achievement course.

Take 100% obligation of your life. You have control over your thoughts and activities. So, don't release your supreme power.

And also pursue success.

You can make a distinction.

Success Mindset

No Whining, No Excuses, No Stopping Your Way To Success

Below's some guideline for success:

- no whining - no justifications - no giving up

- be accountable

- no excuses

If you will certainly simply get these few things out of your life TODAY, your life will certainly change immediately for the better.


If you stop whimpering, stop making excuses and also quit quitting, you will certainly accept obligation for your thoughts and also actions, and you will certainly be compensated with the goals you intend to attain. Guess who makes this happen? That's right -- you do. No other person, just you. You choose on your own, the outcomes in your life.

Certain, points might not occur quickly when you want them to, that's childlike to expect. You will find that all points pertain to you when you are really all set to obtain them ... and not a minute prior to.

Indeed, there will certainly be people who want to tear you down and also try to block your progression (you'll discover to maneuver around them).

So decide RIGHT NOW to live by this basic expression ...

" Outcomes, not justifications."

Write it down on a little piece of paper and also put it where you can see it when you work. ( go on, obtain some paper and pen currently and also do it ... do it now). Did you do it? No? ... why not?-- (write down why not).

Yes? ... congratulations-- you simply obtained RESULTS!

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