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Best Not Broken Actually Have a Brain

Best Not Broken


In the music business, it’s best to have a brain and use it, although it’s not a pre-requisite… Fortunately the guys of Best Not Broken have everything it takes (including a brain! and a knack for great song-writing) and they prove it once again with this new song.

The song starts with a whimsical synth sound, that makes you wonder for a second whether you’re in electronica land… But when the bass/drums enter, with a steady rock beat, you quickly gather that this is yet another catchy power pop/rock anthem, and these guys know the drill. Fun hooks from the synth, melodic bass lines, swirling guitars and fun vocals, with plenty of harmonies during a catchy chorus, asking “Tell me what’s wrong with your brain?”, everything is well done and satisfying and will stay in your brain long after the last chord has finished sounding.

With a great bridge that builds anticipation with clever tension release, a reprise of the chorus with distorted vocals and the inevitable build up towards a final chorus, finishing with that hooky synth that reminds me of the best of The Cure, you can’t escape that song and I’m sure it will be a fan’s favorite!

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beard Music Review

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