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Enter The World Songwriting Awards 2019

The World Songwriting Awards

The World Songwriting Awards is an organization designed to give serious songwriters the recognition they deserve.

Providing quarterly awards for submissions in various categories, WSA gives credibility to songwriters, and honors those who have taken their craft seriously.

The World Songwriting Awards opens doors. Our goal is to be a partner in your journey to the top.

If you win our honors, our credibility may make it easier for you to lock in bookings, get discovered by A & R Executives, and in turn, be signed by labels.

The World Songwriting Awards is a well known international music competition which celebrates and recognizes independent musicians. WSA is widely recognized by industry insiders giving legitimacy to highly talented songwriters and artists.

Each quarter, we receive entries from all around the world. If you receive WSA honors, you will know that your music stands out internationally across cultures.

You are being judged in an international competition, not just an American competition. World Songwriting Awards participants are from the US and over 129 countries worldwide.

Our stated goals are to help independent musicians based solely on the merits of their music; not to give awards based on record sales or the size of a fan base. It is a measure of respect for WSA that well known Grammy and Emmy artists submit their works to WSA without solicitation. Should you wish to be known for the company you keep, WSA is the international music competition for you.

WSA will ship your award out to you, anywhere in the world!

The 2019 Winter Competition is open until March 31st.

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