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Amrit Ghatore, It's Ok

Singer Amrit Ghatore

In a brand new release following a huge year of music, London artist Amrit Ghatore has announced the latest music video for his single ‘It’s OK’. Awarded as one of this year’s BBC Track of the Week, the music video pictures a beautifully aesthetic mix of culture and philosophy. A piece with an underlying narrative that incorporates a historical illustration of war, love, and the inclusivity’s that were involved with Sikh Indian people in a time of war.

Ahead if of the inauguration of the new monument ‘Lions of the Great War’, unveiled at the Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Smethwick near Birmingham, UK, Amrit’s video takes influence from the Sikh soldiers who fought in the Great War. Standing as a tribute for those who were killed during the first World War, the ‘It’s OK’ music video fuses an effervescent mix of traditional Asian music and contemporary pop.

Hitting the London music scene once again, Amrit Ghatore is one of few artists to combine his cultural roots within his music, all without shying too far away from a modern pop anthem to get you grooving!

Being part of the Sikh Indian community himself, Amrit’s unique approach to his music works as a reflection of his cultural and religious heritage; bridging his music and his style into a new-wave of pop music.

The vibrant, black and white themed video puts us straight in the middle of a passionate warzone, reproducing a memorable moment in history, ending in a fight to conquer love, and a plead for world peace.

With an introspective take home, ‘It’s OK’ is now available on all online platforms.

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