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'Lean On Love' with Ady Manral

Singer Ady Manral

Ady Manral is singer songwriter based in Landour, Mussoorie, India. Living in the foothills of the Himalayas, he draws his inspiration from the mountains and the simplicity of life in the hills. A Hindi folk fusion and English songwriter, Ady's music and song construction is mostly acoustic based. Cultivating a genre-blending mix of acoustic folk and pop, his music usually explores themes of compassion, hope and motivation.

Ady has just released his debut EP, 'Lean On Love' which shares the life of those within his community.

"The video is a slight reflection of what our small Landour hillside community in Mussoorie looks like. The individuals in this video are friends who were willing to let us take a peek into their lives and the intimate connections they share with one another."

Video and Concept - Mohit Kapil

Produced, mixed and Mastered by Keshav Dhar

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