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New Music from Ghostly Beard with Wasted and Thrown

Indie Music Artist Ghostly Beard

There is an enigmatic bigfoot-like character that just came out of the woods after 15 years of being lost. He goes by the handle Ghostly Beard, and he’s a multi-instrumentalist and visionary artistic entity with a boundlessly creative sweep that encompasses soft rock, jazz, prog-rock, fusion, pop, classic rock, and more...

Ghostly Beard’s kaleidoscopic creativity has garnered him comparisons to such diverse artists as Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, James Taylor, Genesis, XTC, Cat Stevens, Weather Report, Michael Franks and Chicago.

He crafts immersive dreamy sonic landscapes that emotionally blur the line between dark catharsis and subtle rays of hope. Now, he lets us into his universe with an eclectic clutch of thoughtfully sequenced EPs and albums to be released in the coming months...

Within the space of two years, Ghostly Beard has been pursuing his music in producing, writing and recording two full length albums, "Invisible" & "Inward", the EP - "Infinite", as well as having recorded one off tracks such as his highly amusing Christmas single, "High Expectations" in 2017 alongside the video, in addition to bonus tracks available from his website.

Ghostly Beard is actively involved in the indie music scene providing production tips on his YouTube channel and giving his hairy beard reviews and rating about indie music on this very site, Music Talks.

Now, following his latest “Inward” album, here is a new Ghostly Beard single, a classic rock/blues rock waltz titled, 'Wasted & Thrown'

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