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Ben Ransom Brings Classic Song 'Young Years' Back To Life

Ben Ransom Singer

For rising star, Ben Ransom, the Dragon classic "Young Years" holds a special place in his heart. His Mum - who sadly passed away from brain cancer - was looked after by the same palliative care nurse who took care of Marc Hunter in his final days. Releasing the song was Ben's way to honour his Mum and the late Marc Hunter, an artist Ben has always looked up too. ​

Fellow singer songwriter Aly Cook sent Ben's version to the song's writers - Sharon O'Neill & Alan Mansfield (Dragon, Robert Palmer Band) . Sharon loved Ben's version of 'Young Years' and graciously accepted the invitation to record a guest vocal and appear in the music video, filmed in an old drive in theatre in Dubbo.

Ben says "It was a surreal and amazing experience to have the actual songwriters perform this with me and to do so on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the Dragon recording", said Ben. "A truly special moment where the planets aligned and allowed me to share my take on this classic song with some of the legends in the business".

Ben Ransom is an exiting singer songwriter from Sydney who's acclaimed new album, "101", has been gathering momentum since it's release in January 2018 on Country Rocks Records.

The 'Young Years' single is now heading to the top of indie and commercial radio airplay charts across Australia. With the most recent chart position as of today (November 5th) shooting to No: 1 on Kix FM Australia Wide.

Sharon O'Neill joined Ben Ransom on stage recently at the legendary Leadbelly, a Sydney venue for the launch of the 'Young Years' single, performing to a delighted crowd with a great band.

I had a great chat with Ben Ransom about his career to date, the release of 'Young Years' and his new album, the past and the future for this incredible Aussie talent.

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