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Is Art Ever Really Finished?; Damon Langley

Damon Langley

Whenever people ask me what kind of music I play, I never know how to answer. I was raised on Rock ’n’ Roll, but I don’t have a band and though I’m influenced by a lot of rock music, the raucous, electric guitars, sex appeal and male bravado just aren’t things I’m overflowing with (apart from the raucous.) In a similar way, I discount that I’m a Folk Singer because I favour a Telecaster over an acoustic guitar and don’t really use intricate tunings or chord voicings like Nick Drake or Joni Mitchell might do. Some people have likened my music to country, which is something I would take with open arms if it weren’t for all the crap country songs out there (see: Honky-Tonk Badonkadonk- Trace Adkins). All in all, I really don’t know what to say, so I dart between Folk, Rock, Indie, on a good day “Alt-Country or a conglomerate of the four. As bad or inconsistent as that is, I’d rather this any day of the week than admit to just being another sad, white boy singing about his menial, insignificant problems. Ultimately, even though I could definitely come across as that on face value, I avidly try to avoid the common traits that the sad, white boy moniker brings with it (apart from long hair and denim jackets). But, even with that level of self awareness, it’s still does boil down to me; singing songs about how hard life is, which, in the grand scheme of things, is incredibly insignificant… Though, I suppose while insignificant to others, the songs mean a lot to me because, in many cases, they are the only way I can communicate how I’m really feeling. This isn’t a new revelation or anything but it’s strange how people usually pick up on it after knowing me for a week or so. Ultimately, it’s easier to hide behind a guitar or a melody than it is to just come out and say that I’m unhappy, or in pain or even just what’s on my mind. Could it be considered self indulgent to rely on sadness experienced 4 years ago to write a chorus? Probably… But, hey, it’s better than suppressing it, and that’s probably another step closer to letting go?

I think that letting go is the driving force behind Love Letter EP (out now) as well as being comfortable with heartbreak and loss, and letting go of sadness and knowing that it can get better. Most of the songs on it were written 3 years ago in the midst of a heart break of which I had never really experienced before. It’s kind of funny that even the release of this EP has the theme of letting go because honestly for a while, these songs weren’t going to see the light of day because I never thought they’d be good enough or finished. After I realized I was too close, I finally decided it was time. It was a weird feeling accepting that something that I was so invested in had been finished, without getting into semantics and research paper type “Is art ever really finished?” questions. I remember when I started copying the EP onto physical platforms such as CDs and Cassettes just thinking to myself. “Fuck… this is it. It exists in this now and that’s just it. The next time this gets played will be when someone listens to it for the first time.” All those hours recording, writing, demoing, stressing, agonizing over each and every word, every nuance, every note in my voice just here on this tape, for the world to hear. Am I 100% satisfied with the songs? Hell no, but they’ve been with me every day for 4 years and someone coming along with fresh ears would have a very different listening experience than I would. (That’s the only real thought that keeps me sane.) In the title track, Love Letter, which was written about a girl that I was trying to get over after realizing that she was probably to good for me, there is a small build up that goes, “… take my notes and my chords, and all of my melodies. I’ll even wrap in a bow with all the things that we’ll never be. Because that weight is too much, it’s too much to bare. Now, I think I’m gonna go, I’m gonna leave it because I’m kind of scared.” I never realized how relevant that phrase was until now, writing it all out. So, for my sanity, please, take these songs. I can’t promise that this EP will change your perspective on life or revolutionize anything, but it means a hell of a lot to me and I think that’s all that really matters, no matter what picture it makes of me.

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