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Our Music Is Extremely Varied as we Like To Explore Genres | Little Mister

Little Mister

Little Mister hail from Sheffield in the UK. Our music is extremely varied, as we like to explore genres, we describe it as eclectic, alternative indie.

Formed in 2016 by two old school friends Andy Mills (bass and vocals) and Rob Dickinson (lead vocals and guitar), later to be joined by two music college friends Matt Grayling (synths) and Emma Smith (keys and percussion), all very accomplished live musicians. The plan was to record a single track and shoot a video for it, purely as an art project.

Our first release “Hard Loving Woman” is a fusion of Blues and 90s UK Indie. After its release we received fantastic reviews, gained radio airplay around the world, as well as great feedback for our video. This buoyed us on to record our second release, a Ska influenced track “Stop Bringing Me Down” quickly followed by our Rock influenced track “Next Time”.

Our fourth release “Our Days” is a nod to the UK 90s Indie House music scene, where live bands fused their music with dance acts.

Rob also runs music workshops and was fortunate enough to work and become friends with Sarah Jay Hawley, a professional vocalist and songwriter, who collaborated with Massive Attack on their award winning album “Mezzanine”, notably featuring on “Dissolved Girl” which features in the blockbuster movie “The Matrix”.

Rob has always loved Sarah’s voice and asked if she would like to guest on the track.

After hearing the track Sarah loved it, recorded some vocal samples for us and we added them to the mix. We write, record and mix the tracks ourselves (as well as shoot and edit our videos).

Released in July 2018 “Our Days” has been picked up by stations around the globe, and is receiving many rave reviews.

Our next step is to hit the festival scene next year, we’ve applied to a few and are already receiving offers, as well as performing some exciting gigs, so keep an eye out for us, and hope to see you at a festival soon!

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