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Blue Child Collective | Dive

Blue Child Collective

Delivering single #3 for the year in the lead up to their upcoming fourth album (titled Wake Up To The Sound), South-west fluid groovers Blue Child Collective have gone to the bottom of the ocean this time to capture what is both a sonic and cinematic treasure. Inspired by apnea and nautical freefall, Dive is a rolling harmonic journey into the depths of the sea and self. Have you ever wondered how it feels to be 20m underwater on the ocean floor? Ever wondered why humans go there? A gateway to focus and peace, freediving is a meditation, and Blue Child Collective’s latest will carry you right along with them to that place too.

The video, filmed on the remote Ningaloo Reef with world-class oceanographer Andre Rerekura, features stunning footage of the native marine wildlife, along with documenting the process of freediving from preparation to recovery. Showing frontman Dan White freefall in the ancient Skandalopetra method with the assistance of a rock carved out from the ranges, Dive will have you holding your breath too as you descend. Having already received triple j Roots N' All airplay for previous taster tracks, Wake Up To The Sound will build upon the success of BCC's previous record Saturn Saw The Seaside, where over 250 shows across AU/NZ have been performed since the end of 2016, defining the Collective as key movers and shakers in the #cultureofconnection movement

New single Dive out now via Firestarter Distribution iTunes - Apple Music - Spotify - Google Music

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