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Digital Shades

Digital Shades is a collaborative electronic music project between John Kunkel (The New Division) and James Meays (Missing Words). What originally began as a mutual appreciation for synthpop and 80s melodics turned into a year-long effort of songwriting and fine-tuning of over two dozen songs.

By 2018, the pair decided to release the best of their collaborative efforts - combining their best material into a 6 track EP which features a range of heart-driven emotions and euphoric subtleties. While both Kunkel and Meays share vocal duties throughout the record, on Moonraker's opening track they were assisted by Clive Farrington, best known for his work as the lead vocalist for When In Rome.

Regarding their work on the EP Kunkel states, "It took us a very long time to arrive at these six songs. We really tried our hardest to pick what we felt best captured the sound and feeling we were aiming for. It was a strenuous but exciting all the way through. I look forward to the next record we work on together."

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