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Blazay | "All I was Thinking About was How to Get to Talk to this Voice that I Can Hear Behind


Music has a funny way of bringing people together, sometimes when you least expect it, Blazay the group starts like this, founder member Kevin used to run a club night called Blazay many years ago in London, so it's a name connected with people having a great time partying to top classic tunes, that's were the name comes from, and that's what we want people to do.

How the group was formed is a bit more interesting, early 2015 I arranged to meet a singer in Barking to discuss working together on some music, I'm originally from Ilford (Near East London, for people who don't no) so me and this singer went to a cafe/bar to have a little chat about music, while I'm having this meeting I'm hearing someone behind me quietly singing/humming to herself, now as I'm trying my hardest to ignore this and concentrate on the singer who is doing nothing but telling me how great she is and how she should be famous, all I was thinking about was how to get to talk to this voice that I can hear behind me, after 5 mins of this, I shamelessly got up and made the excuse that I had to meet a family friend that I had forgotten about, I quickly walked the singer out of the cafe, to the train station, said my good bye's and ran back to cafe! It was wrong but it was the best thing I did! Or else there would never be a blazay group, at the time I obviously didn't know this.

The Girl with the sweet sounding humming/singing voice who was sitting behind me is called Daria, I introduced myself and the music projects that I was doing, we had a great meeting and clicked straight away, a few months later we where in the studio recording "really do like it" and everything seemed to fit. I remember hearing her vocal on the track and knew that this would work.

We have a characteristic approach to modern electronic music, yet on the other hand, “We try to make our tracks Deep but catchy” we do a bit more then just put out another modern electronic, synthetic track that blends in with the hundreds produced by DJ’s every year, we try to be a bit different, were a London-based Dance group with a unique take on house music, infusing it with exotic Bajan (Caribbean) and Eastern European roots which make the sound distinctive, We have many other tracks that show this style of music, we want people to get that feel good vibe back, music to make up get up and express yourself, dance like no one is looking!

When it comes to beats, Blazay Songwriter, Producer and Creator, Kevin, takes the best of what’s new and gives it that that old-school twist, which means plenty of groove, rhythms and melody.

Daria has a noticeable vocal style with star quality written all over it, the 2 of us together make this group into a an amazing musically force, The sound is awesome, and I would regard a fairly substantial sub-woofer as an essential component for listening to our music, because you’ll want to turn this up very loud.

There is something about our combination in music that puts you in a sexy trance that you don’t want to ever come out of!

We have recently released our debut 3-track EP 'Give Me', with the lead single Give Me a reflection on how society always finds something more to ask for, forgetting that there are always people with a harder situation than ours.

The debut release Give Me is an upbeat, catchy EP that oozes with funk and likability.

Written by Kevin himself, the lead single Give Me is a song asking why we always need others to give more, and why we can’t become the change we want to see ourselves, the track is getting a lot of attention and everyone seems to hear more.

Blazay have an album worth of material and will continue to release at least 3 more singles this year. You can find Give me on all major online outlets.. Spotify..Itunes......

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