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Music Talks Going Above And Beyond For Independent Music

There may be thousands of music blog sites, but there's nothing quite like the quirkiness and high-end quality that Music Talks offer. Perhaps this is why they were recently awarded in the top 10 best music websites in Australia.

SYDNEY, Australia - Music Talks began in 2015 by singer/songwriter Tracey Arbon. Over time the site has gone from strength to strength with keeping the main focus of the unique idea of it being 'The Artists' Story'. Music Talks has empowered the featured artists to write their own story instead of using the same bios and press releases that appear everywhere else. This concept came about to avoid using pro forma bio's - giving the artist and the reader a unique experience, enabling both the opportunity to both tell their stories which are honest and relatable without the ego. Music Talks now has so much more available and expanded into other areas which include, new independent music weekly, music reviews, video of the week, teen talks, guest talks, music tips and more recently the Lets Talks forum for musicians, film makers and gamers, and an artist directory where artists can submit and sign up for either a 6-month submission or 12 months. The 'Artist Directory' is to enable other music industry personnel a place to find artists for their own musical ventures including finding artists for their own blogs, radio shows, managers and labels searching for something new. While Tracey Arbon has been running the site solely, this has become a site well recognised by artists, managers, labels and pr as an exceptional promotional platform, which involves major content creation, community involvement that is both fun and professional. As the result of the expansion of Music Talks, it has now embraced an exceptional team of other artists. Music Reviews are conducted by 'Ghostly Beard', Teen Talks are interviews for those under the age of 21 with interviews conducted by the Teen Talks team; 'Danielle Haskell', 'Madison Mueller', 'Faith and Harry Rowan'. The newest team member, 'Andrew Mullen' will be helping to conduct interviews on the soon to be, 'Interviews' page.

The latest addition to Music Talks has been 'The Radio Features' where the spotlight shines on radio DJ's with interviews conducted by Ghostly Beard and Tracey Arbon. To view the new artists directory

Artists who wish to submit for the artist directory can do so here

Artists who wish to be featured on Music Talks can do so here:

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