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Katie Ellen | Yours

Katie Ellen - "Yours"

Katie Ellen

As I began to listen to ‘Yours’, it took me on a journey through another dimension. From the first two chords through to the last, the peaceful space of production and vocals blend beyond space and time.

While Katie is no newcomer having previously released her EP, ‘These Little Words’, she has proven herself amongst the indie country music scene. However, I don’t think it will be long for this young woman to make some serious waves throughout the global music scene, and I believe ‘Yours’ is the one to do it!

What seems like a minute in time, remains the length of most songs at 3.40 mins, which only tells the true art of superb song writing with a vocalist and producer not abusing the writer’s and song’s intent.

The vocals are simply perfect in the way Katie Ellen tells the story enabling the listener to truly listen and feel without over singing.

Kaite’s almost spoken like vocal, perfectly pitched with tones varying through her vocal range with the emotional simplicity showcasing her maturity which has defined her as an exceptional singer and not just a great voice.

‘Yours’ is a powerful ballad, which tells the story of someone who has succumbed by the power of love felt and the willingness to do anything to be ‘Yours’. Powerful, relatable and breathtaking.

While written and produced by Katie, the mix by Tobi Davis does not go unnoticed. Tobi has shown great respect in the placement of the piano, strings and vocals.

‘Yours’ shows how a great song is should be written and heard.

If a song can stand up on it’s own with minimal instrumentation of piano and vocal, you know it’s bound to be a winner.

Warning: as you listen to ‘Yours’, be ready for it to take you away from your current surroundings as you will suddenly feel the warmth of the sunshine’s ray’s with an almost out of body experience!

As I don’t have a beard….This is an obvious and well deserving Music Talks 5/5 purple hearts.

Keep up with the release of ‘Yours’ on 15th June PRE-SAVE ON SPOTIFY:

Music Talks 5/5 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜

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