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Gregory Hurley | Be With You

Gregory Hurley

"Be With You" from the "Seafoam" Album

Classic rock! There is this awesome feeling when you listen to a song that has all the right ingredients, when the groove is grooving, the guitars are rocking, the arrangement flows, and the vocals are just right, and you know you will want to listen again to a song again as soon as it has ended...That’s the kind of feeling you get with Gregory’s songs, and this only gets better as you listen to the whole album.

The guitars are round and engaging, each part is played perfectly, each little twist and turn is there at the right moment, the arrangement and production flows effortlessly.

You are in good hands and you can enjoy the ride. The song "Be with You" that opens the album will put you in the perfect mood, "it will lift you up, so high, beyond the clear blue sky." Great hook! And that awesome slide which is really Gregory’s signature sound is there to counterpoint.

Vocal-wise, you cannot help hearing Donald Fagen, as Gregory’s tones and inflations come from that kind of lazy west coast slur that goes so well with his style. And indeed, you can hear a lot of influences from the likes of Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers, Larry Carlton, etc. – all these bands and players who have blended jazz and rock into a new classic rock sound, with a funk groove, jazz roots and a rock attitude –, all of this is present in abundance in Gregory’s album. He gives it his own twist and flavor of course, flirting here and there with a Beatles influence and blending all of that to define his own sound.

A delightful listen from start to finish for a perfect debut album that I highly recommend to all music lovers!

Verdict: 5/5 beards

Ghostly Beard

You can buy this song and the album on CD Baby:

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