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.imp | Pull Me Over


“Pull Me Over” from the “Headscrambled” EP

.imp EP Cover

Bass is such an underestimated instrument that more than not it is reserved to failed guitarists, playing the root notes in rock or walking the line in jazz… Not so with this great song from .imp where it leads the groove, almost stealing the show from the lead vocal.

Its steady pulse and huge sound, doubled and upfront, underlined by funky drums, is really what makes this song work.

It’s a bold move, considering that from what I gather it is coming from a loop, and so are the drums. It makes the song slightly repetitive (good call making it rather short!) but with enough groove to keep you moving for the whole duration.

From the intro with a filter gradually opening until the bass enter in full force, and until the end, that bass stays present and is the main feature, and its quasi-hypnotic goes very well with the lyrics speaking of “an altered state of mind”… The chorus grows bigger with the addition of tasty background vocals, outlining a cool melody that will stick in your head long after listening, but it’s really that bass that you will remember.

Great song, cool groove, and a bold bass statement, makes this one a hit!

Verdict: 5/5 beards

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