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Ebb & Nova | Willow

Ebb & Nova

“Willow” from the “Ebb & Nova” album

Ebb & Nova EP Cover

It’s pretty hard today to write a love song that doesn’t rely on clichés and saccharine. It really seems sometimes that all the possible love songs have already been written…

And yet, Ebb & Nova manages to make something fresh with this awesome song, called “Willow”, from their debut album.

With their special blend of acoustic sound, cleverly entwining doubled acoustic guitar arpeggios and mellow cello, with sparse brushed drums, and with the clear and charming voice of Lauren Padgett on top of that soft bed of sounds, the poetry of this song is really well served, and it really feels like the guitar and cello are swaying underneath that willow tree in a perfect dance.

The lyrics are particularly well written with a lot of alliterations that again reinforce the “perfect harmony” and peaceful vibe. A lovely love song, really well done from start to finish. Highly recommended!

Verdict: 5/5 beards

You can buy this song and the album on CD Baby:

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