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Lachlan Vines | Take It Back

Lachlan Vines

Sydney based singer-songwriter Lachlan Vines combines soulful, emotive vocals with rich, colourful, modern sounds of layered synths, pianos, and electric guitars.

Lachlan’s journey as a musician began in high school when, as a die-hard Muse fan, he started teaching himself to play piano like Matt Bellamy. Though piano was his first love, as he went deeper into music and songwriting found a need to branch out to more ways of music expression, namely the electric guitar. But these days, it's his voice that people connect with most, drawing his influence from the likes of Jeff Buckley, Freddie Mercury, Matt Corby, and Whitney Houston – his all-time favourite singer.

Lachlan Vines’ broad taste in music shows in his songs, which weave traditions of Rock, R&B diva anthems and the odd bit of Gospel, into a thoroughly modern soundscape taking cues from EDM and contemporary pop.

He released his first single, “This Could Mean The End,” in 2018, which got played on radio stations around the world.

Lachlan Vines

Take It Back story:

Take It Back is the realest, rawest song I’ve ever written. I sometimes feel a bit nervous playing it because everything about it is so exposed. It’s about one particular night a few years ago now, when someone said something to me that hurt a lot. And just kind of reflecting and thinking, how did this all get to this point? And just desperate that they take back what they said.

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