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Faith and Harry | My BFFs and Me

Faith & Harry

After the success of Siblings Faith & Harrys Christmas cover 'Last Christmas' which was played across indie radio stations all over the world in 2017.

The duo (just 13 & 11 years old) have now released their first original single aptly called My BFFs and Me.

Faith penned the song when she was just 12; it's a catchy pop song that the young songstress wrote using talented co-writing duo Pete Spicer & Tony Slaven from the UK, to help create the song.

Faith has been writing lyrics since she was 9 but this was the first one she really felt was ready for her and brother Harry's social media fans, which stands at more than 125,000 Rowanetts (the name their fans call themselves) on FaceBook.

The pop song really came together in the studio with the skills of their seasoned producer Phillip Cope. He carefully wound the instruments around Faiths vocals. Brother Harry let Faith take the lead with this song, as it was her idea from the inception and his love for all things keys kept him busy in the studio.

Faith & Harry also write together and have developed a close songwriting relationship in recent months which fans will see on the Album, to be released later in the year.

The duo are multi-instrumentalists performing on four instruments each, violin, piano, guitar and recently Harry added drums to his music lessons while Faith is having fun with the ukulele. The British-Americans will be performing in Music festivals across the US and UK this summer, their surely rising stars with unlimited talent.

Faith&Harry social media stars: more than 125,000 followers on FB For all things Faith& Harry go to:

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