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DIDI | Fast and Furious


“Fast and Furious”


It’s a fact that social climate and geography itself can affect the kind of music produced. For example, this song, which to me is characteristic of the best of the British sound.

Often gritty and energetic, fast paced and unforgiving, songs coming from the UK often have a way to knock you down from the get go while charming you with their melodic sense. It’s an alliance of seduction and punch in the face, which is demonstrated in this case with this new song (her fourth offering) from Didi.

Didi is the solo project of producer Lauren Deakin Davies, and of course the production is impeccable, from the delayed guitars opening the song, the extra punchy drums (toms and snare are particularly prominent, and I love that the kick is not that tiny click that too much people think is appropriate in rock songs nowadays).

Not only is Lauren a very accomplished producer but she’s also a great singer, and we can appreciate her delivery here with that song filled with drama coming straight from “Greek mythology” (!), her voice has the immediate appeal that some of these UK female artist have, that blend of seduction and aggression that push this songs over the top.

The song ebb and flows with great dynamics, from that great low-key bridge where Didi’s voice is shining before the final four on the floor chorus, and Didi’s final plea that she “needs more time”

Top notch song that has that earworm quality and immediate appeal yet has depths enough to resist prolonged listening.

Verdict: 5/5 beards

Ghostly Beard

You can hear buy this song on Bandcamp:

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