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Natalie Lucie | Easy To Love

Natalie Lucie

Following the massive response to Natalie Lucie’s debut single, ‘Hands Off’ – (which was released at the height of the ‘#metoo’ campaign), saw increased support from many who resonated with it’s lyrics, and gained airplay on The Bristol Music Show.

Independent singer-songwriter, Natalie Lucie, releases her self-penned/produced debut EP ‘Easy to Love’.

Opening track ‘Hands Off’, is an indie/electro pop track which garnered praise and applause among fellow indie musicians and fans after it’s release in January for it’s ‘anti- harassment’ lyrics.

Hands Off was featured on the ‘She Makes Music blog’ and received airplay on ‘The Bristol Music Show’, enthusiastically describing it as having ‘Lily Allen vibes’.

‘The Man’, an indie-folk fable, urges listeners to pursue their dreams and passions, while title track, ‘Easy to Love’ is an honest admission of the songwriters own flaws. The closing piano-led ballad, ‘Checkmate’, studies the dynamics of an emotionally abusive/volatile relationship.

The project was a year in the making, with Natalie learning to produce ‘on the job’. The Easy to Love EP is her first venture as an independent artist and she is proud to have this self-penned track, produced and arranged by herself.*

About Natalie

A songwriter since childhood, it was only after becoming a mother that Natalie found the self-belief to pursue her passion. Inspired by artists across all genres, her biggest influences are women who make brilliant, unique and brave music, including Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Alanis Morissette, Regina Spektor, Lily Allen, Lady Leshurr and Kesha.


*(Vocal recording and production, mixing and mastering by Alex White at Arpeggio Creative).

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