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Paisley Jura | 26 Degrees

Paisley Jura

“26 degrees” from the “Time is how you spend your love” album

Paisley Jura EP

Paisley Jura is a double bass player, songwriter and singer from Canada and this is her second album. She has since released a new one that I also recommend but I chose this as it showcases her style the best in my opinion.

This song starts with an infectious upright bass groove and grows from there… the production and arrangement keep things moving and the interest throughout. Drums brush brings a nice warmth, and the keys are engaging. The combination of violin/keys playing together hooky parts are really well done. There’s a lot going on, including reversed reverb guitar parts, claps during a middle-eight and that Rhodes which sounds warm and cool.

Most of all it’s the superb delivery of Paisley, when she sings about these 26 degrees (on the wrong side of zero – so Canadian!), with great jazz timing and ad libs and her voice can be caressing and breathy or slightly disturbing like when she sings “when they hit the ground and shatter” – I love that part.

The production by Juno Award winner Michael Philip Wojewoda is outstanding and every note and sound here is well thought of and effective and serves the song. This is true for the whole album, actually.

Verdict: 5/5 beards

Get the album (and the new one while you’re at it) on her website now:

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