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The Puss Puss Band | Bucko's Lullaby

“Bucko’s Lullaby” from the “Echoes Across the Cruel Sea” album

The Puss Puss Band

I could sum it all up in one line: “This is the perfect opener for one of the most amazing debut album I’ve come across in a long time”. There, I’ve said it! But of course, this wouldn’t be enough for you all hungry music lovers, you want details, right?

Let’s say that from the first notes, you know that you’re in for a treat… That glockenspiel motive is setting up the mood for that bittersweet lullaby and for the rest of the album. A clean guitar is doubling it up tastefully and then big drums cymbals enters, and the very ambient drums are setting up the stage. It could as well have been recorded in a smoky club, at the end of the night, when the last drunken people have left the room and only the fanatics are left and the conversations are fading… There is the same expectation, and then that velvety, breathy vocal is here to tell you a story, and you cannot help but to pay attention.

Later on, when the chorus brings power chords and bluesy licks that heightens the tension and when these piano arpeggios are tastily underlying it, you understand that this is not your ordinary band, and not your ordinary song, and that if the rest of the album continues to deliver like this, it’s going to spin for a while in your house!

I won’t spoil your fun discovering the rest of the album. It’s as good and as satisfying as that opener. I love how it feels loose at times like it’s been improvised on the spot, everything sounds so easy and free flowing, yet it’s pretty obvious that it’s all been carefully thought of… a pleasure to listen to, again and again.

Verdict: 5/5 beards

That’s music you need to hear, so head over to and grab a copy now!

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