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Just Drive | The boys have been hard at work in the writing room working on their next batch of hard

To paint a picture Just Drive are 4 guys from south Wales who just enjoy making music.

The boys have been hard at work over the last year meeting up in their home-made music studio which they have converted from a small garage.

The aim; to try to create something fresh from the little villages they grew up in to bring to the big table.

Since started the band in late 2016 the boys have worked with recording engineer Nick Lloyd who runs Oakwood Church Studios to record and finish their first EP.

The EP represents the first time that Just Drive have had a chance to capture their sound and distribute it to the masses.

Prior to starting Just Drive, Ryan, James and Dan played for a few years in a covers band before trying to compose songs of their own. The main lyrical content of the songs can be accredited to Ryan David who is the lead vocalist as well as playing rhythm guitar.

Just Drive

Prior to starting the band, Ryan’s only fleeting experience with singing could be attributed to karaoke and singing in his year 6 assembly. However, his inexperience of singing has never held him back having discovered his ability to craft and sing melodic and soulful lyrics which he creates. The “driving” force being the bands rhythm section is Daniel Goodall (bass) and James Orwin (drums).

Having had experience with playing guitar in a cover’s band before Dan decided to try his hand at the 4-stringed instrument. Dan’s perseverance and practice along with the help of his tutors have aided him in making the punchy yet tuneful bass lines for the songs in the EP.

Easily the most seasoned musician is James who has been banging about on the drums since he was about 11. From becoming a monster on the drums from an early age James has been playing to people since the age of 15 and has used his experience to help direct the dynamics rises and falls of the bands self-titled Debut EP.

The last piece of the puzzle comes in the form of pocket sized guitarist Jonathon Westrop who completed the line-up of the 4 piece in October 2016. Jon’s ability to engineer crisp guitar tones coupled with some intricate lead lines and solos have help the band to embellish their songs and give them the polish on top that they so desperately wanted.

With 2018 looming on the horizon and their first Ep finally being released, the boys have been hard at work in the writing room working on their next batch of hard hitting, stylistic songs.. The time spent writing at every able opportunity has allowed the guys to keep things moving at a fast pace meaning that they are now taking that material into the live practice room ready to play their first gig.

Having added another 4 songs to their repertoire and soon to be many more the boys look to 2018 with fond hopes of recording their 2nd EP/1st album and having enough material to support/headline a tour around the UK.

To check out, listen to or connect with the lads from South Wales here are some links to their ever growing social media accounts:


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