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Katie Garibaldi | Home Sweet Christmas

Katie Garibaldi

I’ve always loved Christmas music and how its magic puts you instantly in warm and happy spirits.

I grew up singing Christmas music and as a kid my family and I would put on shows every year at my parents’ house where I’d sing holiday songs while my mom accompanied on piano, and later on with my guitar.

My parents have always made Christmastime a very special time of the year for me and my brother growing up and now, Christmas music still makes me feel at home. I’ve wanted to make a holiday album of my own after falling in love with the classics from an early age and being inspired by artists I grew up listening to who had holiday albums.

I’m excited to have my own collection of Christmas songs to share now, and I hope Home Sweet Christmas is an album that people will be able to enjoy year round and keep the spirit of the holidays with them every month, not just December, that no matter when and where they listen to it, the songs give them a peaceful and joyful sense of coming home.

There are 12 songs on the album, 11 which are original songs and one holiday classic, my favorite traditional Christmas song, “Silent Night.” Twelve songs for the the 12 days of Christmas! I hope turning Home Sweet Christmas up in your speakers makes your home merry and bright this holiday season!

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