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Holly Hunta | Used To

Holly Hunta

There is a lot to love about Holly Hunta's debut single, 'Used To'. From her home studio in Australia's tropical idyll of Brisbane, the burgeoning electronic writer, performer and producer has sculpted a beautifully rich track that displays both the effervescence of her youth, and the vastness of talent that belies it.

Placing her tingling vocal hooks atop a cloud of synths, Used To marries blissful ambience with racing, energetic rhythms – ebbing and flowing in intensity as it journeys past each exquisite chorus.

Holly's voice made its very first appearance on Queensland electronic producer Clovr's hypnotic single Skin.

Stirring a rousing first impression, the smoothness of Holly's voice was utterly alluring – delivering sweetness and softness through her impeccable timbre... but as her solo debut, Used To shows off many more of Holly Hunta's talents. From writing and recording the song, to painstakingly shaping each synth sound, Used To is as much a testament to Holly as a songwriter and producer as it is to her as a vocalist.

Touching on themes of love and desire, Holly Hunta's debut is suitably uplifting and inspiring for the spirit in which it is delivered – released in perfect tandem with the coming of summer.

While there is little of Holly's story to tell thus far, it is because Used To is a true beginning... her first milestone as a solo artist. Mixed and mastered by Melbourne producer SUB-human, and resplendent in the gorgeous artwork of Alli Cunanan, Used To comes elegantly finished, down to the finest detail.

With a live show ready to go, Holly Hunta is looking towards the next 12 months with excitement. Planning on releasing more singles as she goes, Holly is pursuing every opportunity to further her skills in the studio and on the stage.

As a glowing example of her abundant talent as a full-stack writer/artist/producer, Used To serves as both the perfect first single and the most fitting way to introduce Holly Hunta to the world.

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