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Guy Paul Thibault

“Miss Misdemeanor” from the “It’s About Time” album

Guy Paul Thibault

Earworm is how I would qualify this song. It’s so damn catchy you just can’t resist it.

Heard it first on the radio, then on many radios and then everywhere, and there are good reasons for that.

First, it’s a feel good/singalong song, second, Guy Paul’s energy is undeniable (and worthy of a Marathon champion, if you know that he’s performing live more than 100 songs every night!) and then third, the production is spot on, and makes this one a hit and the stand track out on that really great debut album.

The song apparently tells of woman hungry for company every night, whether she’s a professional or not is left to our conjecture, but this is not a drama song, no, it’s more tongue in cheek and matter of fact which fits the up-tempo arrangement and toe tapping groove… It starts pretty low key with simple power chords on an acoustic guitar and Guy Paul engaging voice, until the drums/bass enter and Guy Paul announces: “That’s what she says…” (and I love the delivery of this line!). Then it’s down to a wall of guitars driven by the acoustics and 12 strings and distorted guitars and the groove gets infectious from then on, but then Guy Paul kills you with a great pre-chorus that leads to the hookiest of choruses, with the clever use of a repetition on the “Miss Mis-demeanor” title, complete with irresistible “na na na na, na na”. What’s a listener to do?

The sound is full and warm, and the little production details and clever delivery is adding to the listeners satisfaction like the drop on the third verse, with bluesy licks and the ‘hey’ and ‘yeah’ that makes you want to jump on the table, and these little insertions of the harmonica that concludes the outro with the 12 strings. Well done until the last minute!

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards

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