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Luna Pines | You Are Not The Only Person In The World

Originally Luna Pines was a project, but with our new line up shift from a male-fronted five piece to an all-female trio, it feels much more like a band now.

We’ve been playing shows at great venues in Leeds like The Wardrobe & Brudenell Social Club since July, working on a really expansive and conceptual set and it’s really important to us that we get that side of it right.

All three of us are influenced by all sorts of music like Bon Iver, Bruno Major and Groove Armada, but we’ve found a common ground in a sort of nostalgic alternative dream-pop, and it’s something we’re so excited about with the release of our new single ‘My Own Ceiling’.

We mostly focus on uncomfortable but important topics, like mental health and personal insecurities, which we don’t think you get enough of from females in the alternative/electronic scene.

Essentially, ‘My Own Ceiling’ is a song about drowning in your own mind through a very encapsulating and severe battle with anxiety.

It’s a condition that I still don’t fully understand, and I don’t think that many do, as it takes form in so many different shapes and sizes. ‘What you can’t see just isn’t there’ is the kind of talk that we think everybody needs to help erase, because suffering a losing battle with your own head is bad enough, without doing it in isolation or fear of being misunderstood.

‘My Own Ceiling’is also a promise that these feelings will not be the defining factor in maybe the hardest time of your life so far.

Its intention is maybe to soften the impact of difficult times through the realization that you are not the only person in the world who feels the way that you do. Lyrically, the song comes from an angle that expresses a lot of anger and irritation, with the line essentially being the realisation that you and you alone have confined yourself to limits you have set for yourself, putting a ceiling on your own potential. ‘I don’t owe you anything, I’m not in the ground just yet’ became the most vulnerable and honest line in the song, being its main statement, which seeks to confirm a conversation with your own mind that says although it’s not always easy, you’ve still got time and will be just fine in the end.

Production wise, we wanted the track to reflect all of this, which is why it grows and grows to become triumphant in its end release. No one apart from us was involved in the production, mixing or mastering of the track, as we wanted to capture our sound completely in our own way.

We made use of big string sections that Ellie played, and fragile and frustrated vocal lines from Olivia that carried the weight of the frustration in the song. We tried a combination of live and in the box elements, using some real drum recording and some sampled, as well as synthesizers and loud distorted guitars. We must have gone through at least 40 mixes of the song before we were completely happy, as we wanted to find a balance between the clean kind of production in acts like The Japanese House, and the gritty distortion that bands like Brand New and their producer Mike Sapone uses. What we eventually came out with was the most honest representation of our sound, and we couldn’t be more proud of it.

-Lotte - Luna Pines


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