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Ross Seddon | “My god I’m really doing this, am I crazy?”

My music journey started as I left school I started playing guitar and soon discovered I could write songs. I thought this was natural something everyone did some 35 years later I know better than that. My early musical focus was with the Beatles, Bob Dylan, CCR, Woodstock and those bands of the late 60’s & early 70’s what a time it was Love, Peace and Music was King.

My musical progress developed in bands playing 70’s rock & pop music of the time. By the start the 80’s my band Homegrown was playing original music mostly sung and written by me. Even with interest from CBS and others no real breaks came our way and by 1981 the band had disbanded.

Ross Seddon

In 1982, I had produced a solo EP and was writing and producing music for other singers and bands locally. I was now married with a new family, had a ridiculously poor musical income and new family their needs pulled me away into a “real job”.

It’s now early 2015 and after a motorbike accident I needed some repair after puncturing my lung. Singing was suggested. Hey, I can do that I thought. Music for me had been for many years only a recreational item. Writing songs was something I had always continued to do easily but with no goal no reason to hang on to them. By Mid 2015, I was singing and playing and writing songs at will and I had a iPhone to retain the song not heard of in 1982. My songwriting desire was rekindled and I decided “why not record a couple of them”. A Home studio was assembled but my frustratingly lack of recording skill didn’t initially match my expectations. OK let’s do this for real in a real studio after all my desire was alive and ready so why not it could be fun.

It’s now October 2015, a song list assembled, raw Demo’s with voice and guitar prepared and arrangements mainly finalised. I needed some help if this is going to work and having been out of the mainstream for many years I decided it best to reacquaint myself with some of the musicians from my Homegrown and solo recording years. I found some others via the net. All proved to be willing and excellent musicians and singers. I must say I got real lucky.

By early 2016 the studio was booked when I suddenly realised “My god I’m really doing this, am I crazy?” The fear of failure tried to get in. Could I really sing, play, direct and produce after 35 years out of the industry? Even the recording process had completely changed. My decision “let’s just get on with it put this fear to one side”. After the first session, I found my comfort level with playing, discussing, directing, deciding and enjoying hadn’t gone anywhere and my first love music was fully alive again.

My initial goal of a 4 to 6 song EP soon became a 10-song album. I was crazy to dream as the sessions proved magical and the arrangements fell into place just like I imagined. Every song seemed to work combined with “on the spot” ideas via sensational seamless playing and excellent singing that began flowing through each session and best of all great fun and feel between all those involved. It’s true music can make you young again.

Now it’s mid 2017, the album has been released March 2017. My musical life is now re-birthed well beyond my expectations and I even have fans telling me they love my songs. How good is that. My fears have been brushed aside by the music

So, I humbly introduce to you my album ‘You’re the Reason' for your listening enjoyment.

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