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Nigel Jones | Promoting a Broad Range of Country Music Styles to a New Generation of Fans

Nigel Jones has spent 15 years in commercial & 10 Plus years in community radio in the beautiful Launceston region of Tasmania.

Having been at Tyga FM for the last 6 years in the Derwent valley in the southern central highlands of Tasmania, where the very active community station pumps out great music 24 hours a day on 98.9Fm.

Nigel Jones

Also Nigel is an integral part of the station as a Marketing manager and announcer as well as being a country music coordinator. Nigel has developed a Tasmanian Country Music chart and is on the board of the Tasmanian Country Music Awards which is held in October at the country club Casino in Launceston.

He is a very dedicated supporter of the genre and in particular independent Country Music.

Nigel hosts Talking Point on Monday & Friday's A Current Affairs Program which includes talking to Music Personalities, artists and producers, the Saturday Top 40 Country a program featuring Independent Artists and the official Tasmanian Country Chart countdown and Saturday Night Fever Party Request Show, The Only Live Request Show in Hobart .

I asked Nigel the differences being in community radio as opposed to commercial radio?

You can diversify more into projects, more freedom to engage the listeners, better opportunities to do live community events . Community Radio allows you to play country music unlike commercial which is programmed music.

Live from the studio Radio Request Show. All commercial here in Tasmania at night are satellite from the mainland.”

“I enjoy now encouraging and promoting a broad range of country music styles to a New Generation of Fans

I must also thank TYGA FM for giving me the freedom to be creative".

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