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Kolade Olamide Ayodeji | "Dreams Come True Because I Have faith In My Music"

I graduated from an eminent business school with a bachelor of science in business management which made it easier for me to go deeply into the music business.

I grew up writing poems and lyrics which led to my songwriting career. I was also involved in writing drama which made it also easier for me to write script for my music videos.

Kolade Olamide Ayodeji

I used to write my lyrics and later make the beat in order to have the right melody to each song which made my work unique.

My prowess is based on compelling lyrics and sharp sound production. Creative writing and originality are conceptual to my songwriting.

My approach towards music could be said to be from the perception of a writer telling a story through songs.

I was entered into the semi-final in 2007 September’s songwriting contest of “Song of the Year” with the song titled “Trapped in the Dark” in the Lyrics category. I also entered in the semifinal in 2007 of November’s songwriting contest of “Song of the Year’ with the song titled “I Just Wanna Be One” in the Pop category.

I was also awarded Honourable Mention Placement in the Song Contest of “Song of the year” 2011 with the song titled “Me and You” in the Pop category. I entered semifinal in the 2007 “U. K Songwriting Contest” with the lyrics of the song titled “I Gotta Rock You” in the Lyrics category.

I am a kind of person that valued independence so I decided to write my lyrics, produce my songs, market my songs and release albums on my independent record label Kolade Olamide Entertainment.

So, I am a songwriter, producer and record label manager in order to make my dreams come true because I have faith in my music career. Luckily for me I was able to make several albums.

This latest entry in Kolade’s discography further concretes his place as a relevant and prolific songwriter in the music industry today. Acting as a true jack of all trades, he writes, arranges, produces and promotes his music. Having graduated from an eminent business school with a bachelor of science in business management, Kolade excels not only in the artistic side of music, but the business side as well.

Over the years, Kolade has been lauded by fans and critics alike for his compelling lyricism and razor sharp production prowess. He was a semi-finalist both in the Song of the Year Contest and the United Kingdom Songwriting Contest. Kolade has written, produced and released hip hop, country, gospel and more.

‘Hit List’ is released on Kolade Olamide Ayodeji Entertainment, the songwriter’s own independent record label.

Once again, music enthusiasts and critics are sure to be impressed by Kolade’s all-encompassing musical skill set. From infectiously catchy beats to heart-touching melodies, ‘Hit List’ is worth picking up. Available now through Itunes

I penned songs in various genres, primarily electronic, pop, r&b, dance, reggae and gospel.


Best Moment of our Lives

It is Party Time

Force of Desire

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